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Customized Design

About Airgugu Rug Customization Services:

I believe you will be interested in custom rugs. Customized rugs are different from other ordinary rugs. They are unique rugs that are just for you. Airgugu provides customized rug services. The rug material is made of 100% high-quality polyester fiber and is woven by machine. The wiring is more neat and stable, and it has a soft touch and is more durable. We will make your own unique rug according to your customized needs.

About Rug Customization Options:

Option 1: Customized Size

If you are interested in our existing rug patterns, but do not have the size you want. Then you can directly send the link of the product and the size you want to customize to our mailbox. After that, we will confirm with you according to your customized size, we will guide you to place an order, and then we will make and send your customized rug within 7 working days.

airgugu - custom your rugs
airgugu customized rugs - washable rugs

Option 2: Customized Pattern Customized Size

If you want to customize a unique pattern and unique size, then you can choose this customization plan. This option requires you to provide pictures and size information.

How to Customize, and the Rug Customization Process:

The process of rug customization can be divided into five steps:

    1. Confirm the size of the rug I need. (The length unit is feet, usually 2*3, 2*6, 2.5*10, 3*5, 4*6, 5*7, 6*9, 8*10, 8ft round, 7ft round, 6ft round, 5ft round, 4ft round, 3ft round which are the mainstream sizes. Please Note: Currently, we can customize the width up to 8 ft )
    2. Choose the pattern of the rug I want to customize, flowers, animals, scenery, or any other pictures I like.
    3. Come to the customized rug order page, choose the size you want, and then place the order. Click Here 
    4. Send all the information to Airgugu's after-sale email (including the order number, customized picture file, and customized size).
    5. Add Airgugu after-sales WhatsApp contact information, real-time understanding of the progress of rug customization as well as delivery progress.



    WhatsApp: +44 7354 422480

    PS: Just send us an email with the size and pattern you need to customize, and we will finish and ship it within 7 working days.

    What You Need to Do:

    Once you have placed your order and payment is complete, please send it to as per the following template content

    Email Template:

    Title: About XXX (your name) Rug Customization


    Order Number: xxx;

    Size: xxx; (If there is a special size needs, please fill in the specific size, if not, we will be in accordance with the size of your order submitted on the production)

    Customized image files

    Special Note: For better image effect, the pixel requirement of the customized image: the minimum pixel value of length and width is greater than 1000px.

    Please Note: Customized rugs are not supported by return and exchange service.