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—— Experience Nature's Spirit in our Earth Garden Series ——

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About Airgugu EcoLux Area Rug

About Airgugu EcoLux Area Rug

From our love for nature, Airgugu "Walking on nature" starting with just a rug, we saw the harm caused by traditional manufacturing on our planet and health due to harmful chemicals. Determined to make a change, we pursued eco-friendly methods, ensuring every rug we craft is both environmentally conscious and supports antimicrobial well-being.

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Compared with normal rugs, they are easily washable and durable. I have had them for 3 months now and am very happy with them. They protect my kitchen floor and entry. I couldn't be happier with these rugs.

Amber Ensley

You can take it to the laundromat and wash and dry it. So easy. I will buy this kind of rug always.

Rachael Vonderhaar

This rug came and I was surprised at the quality of this rug. It was folded so I laid it on the floor and ironed the wrinkles out. I was so pleased that I ordered another one.


With the carpet used as a doormat in front of the door, my room is cleaner than before, which reduces the worry of having to clean the room frequently.

Jessy Lee

This rug is gorgeous!! The feel is soft and velvety Do not hesitate to purchase this rug. You will not be sorry!!


Since the carpet was laid in the living room, when the children played in the living room, the carpet protected the children from being scratched when they fell.


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